Lucky_7s aOWNER posted Dec 18, 17

The Return

For those who have yet to hear the news, If you are still actively watching this site. Please continue reading on, or spread the word to your friends. Ark SurvivalCraft has RETURNED!!!

Ark is back better than ever in its new state, We officially reopened the server with all NEW mods, and mods that are "Standalone" to the feel of the gameplay of the actual Ark game. 

We are now featuring 100% complete Biomes o' plenty terrain generation, New mods that include machines, furniture, and even more!

Update your old Ark SurvivalCraft Modpack if you still have it and auto connect to the pre-installed server or you may redownload it if you no longer have it by pasting the following API LINK in the search bar of your Technic Launcher (Also Provided)


Ark SurvivalCraft Revival is now dubbed "Ark SurvivalCraft Modded+"

Please Note: All Past Donations are currently pending decision amongst staff members whether to reimburse them on this completely new server, with different gameplay.

Additional Information:

Combat Log Protection is Enabled
PvP Night Only is Enabled
GriefPrevention Claiming (Gold Shovel)
Custom Terrain (Biomes o' Plenty)
Clevers are Banned
Rapiers are Banned
For a full list of banned items please visit the INFO Area in the Server Spawn

Please read and follow all server rules

Thank You,

The Staff of WickedMC